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Age Discrimination Is Unique. We all grow older, and as a result, soon or later we will all be at risk to be subject to age discrimination. In terms of sheer numbers, age discrimination is the most widespread and affects more workers than any other type of discrimination. Nearly 70 percent of American workers report that they have witnessed age discrimination in their workplace. In my estimation, anybody who is employed in the corporate environment will eventually be discriminated against on the basis of age. Read More

The Law Against Disability Discrimination Is Revolutionary

Its potential remains largely untapped.

Let me start with an example. A client came to me with a problem. He suffered from severe disabilities, and he was coming under intense pressure at his job because of performance deficits caused by his disabilities. His disabilities were profound: due to a congenital defect, he had the use of only one arm, and he was schizophrenic. Despite these disabilities (compounded by the fact that he was a non-white minority), he had obtained a college education and worked his entire adult life. Read More
Unless You've Been Living In A Cave You've heard a lot about the #metoo movement. This is a great thing, but sex harassment is not something that happens only in movie studios or television stations, and it is not something that happens only to starlets and high profile personalities. If anything, sex harassment has been an unfortunate reality of the workplace for the working woman in unglamorous settings like supermarkets, construction sites, car dealerships and so on. The list is long. No woman should ever be a victim of sex harassment. Read More
Long gone are the days where factories and business had signs reading "no coloreds need apply." Nearly every business (including law firms) with more than a few dozen employees publicly espouses its committment to "diversity." A lot of people think that race discrimination in employment is largely a thing of the past. It's not.   It's just not as blatant, and employers have gotten a lot better at disguising it. A good percentage of the general population continues to harbor deep seated prejudices against certain minority groups. A 2012 poll by the Associated Press found that 56 percent of Americans explicitly expressed anti-black prejudice. If you have any doubts, just take a look at the comments on YouTube, Yahoo and other internet sites. Read More

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Who's Going To Handle Your Case?
Most law firms are pyramids. One or two lawyers at the top, and each layer below has more lawyers than the layer above. The lawyers at the top are the big names, the one clients associate with the law firm. Here's the thing: the larger the pyramid, the less the lawyer at the top actually practices law. In some firms, the lawyer at the top of the pyramid works almost exclusively on client relations, generating new business and law firm administration. It doesn't matter how good that lawyer is, because it's very unlikely that he or she is actually going to handle your case.

Here are a couple of true stories. In the first case, I had a client that did something really strange. After I filed Read More
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About me:
After successfully representing corporations and wealthy individuals at prestigious "white shoe" law firms, I decided I would rather represent real people and help them solve problems that affect their lives. That was in 1995. Since that time, I have represented hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for my clients. My largest verdict was $56 million dollars in a trial that lasted over eleven months. I have obtained million dollar plus verdicts in both state and federal courts in employment discrimination cases. For every case that goes to verdict, there are dozens that settle.

I know that money is not the only reason, and sometimes it's not the main reason, that you're looking for a lawyer. Discrimination is an affront to your human dignity. It has no place in a civilized and enlightened society.

Whether your case is large or small, I will give you my honest evaluation. Unlike some attorneys, I will not encourage you to bring a case and ask for an up front retainer. If I agree to handle your case, I will agree to handle it on a straight contingency fee arrangement.

Although I do not charge a consultation fee, I or someone from my office will take some information about your case over the phone. This is a preliminary screening to weed out cases that do not handle or that clearly do not meet our guidelines.

If you have an employment discrimination or personal injury case, please call my office and we can explore working together to obtain the best possible result.
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