March 23 Update:

A couple of important developments. First, all statutes of limitations and similar deadlines have been tolled for 30 days, from March 20 through April 19. Basically, a toll simply means that the clock has stopped. So whatever time was remaining as of March 20 will still be remaining as of April 19.

My guess is that this is a placeholder date, and depending on how things stand, it may be extended.

In addition, the Courts have been ordered by the Chief Judge not to accept any filings or court papers, either in hard copy or electronically. That means that it is impossible to file a lawsuit currently. Emergency matters are excepted. All deadlines of any kind in any lawsuit have been suspended.

Things are going to be a real mess once the Courts reopen.

The situation remains the same in the Federal Courts. Both the Eastern District (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and points East) and the Southern District (Manhattan and North) have severe restrictions on who can enter the courthouse, but whether and to what extent case deadlines are adjourned will depend on individual judges. Apparently, a number of judges in the Southern District have posted their own “covid-19” rules.

The overall situation is deteriorating at an incredible pace in New York. In my opinion, this is due to the lag between infection and symptoms (up to 2 weeks) and the rapid uptick in cases were contracted 10 days or 2 weeks ago, when there were no restrictions in gatherings much less a stay in place order. The ban on large gatherings was instituted on March 12, and the stay at home order began only last night. So it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Expect to start to see a slowdown in early April.

Italy started its lockdown on March 9, which makes today the 2 week mark. You should keep your eye on new cases in Italy over the next few days, as their experience is probably a pretty good predictor of what we can expect.

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